Discovery - Navigating Flyout Profiles : About Tab

There are two main ways to navigate to a Creator/Influencer's Flyout Profile page: 

  1. Unity Search
  2. VizSearch

Once you have located the specified Creator/Influencer you'd like to view, click on their name and a Flyout Profile page will appear, giving you various insights regarding that Creator/Influencer and their social media accounts. For more information about Unity Search and for articles about the rest of the tabs included in a Flyout Profile, please visit Unity Search.

Below we will go over what the About tab on a Flyout Profile includes. 


Navigating to the About tab will bring back the main header of the Flyout. This tab offers general information pertaining to the Creator/Influencer. Information found under this tab includes:

  • Bio: This section lists the Creator/Influencer's self-reported description about themselves which they have entered into the platform.

  • About: This section provides a full  overview of the Creator/Influencer including their Age (self-reported), Gender (self-reported), Relationship Status (self-reported), Language(self-reported and discovered), Education (self-reported), Ethnicity (self-reported), Location (self-reported), Family (self-reported), and Income (self-reported). To the right of this information, you will find icon bubbles indicating the various social Connections the Creator has. The Connection with the highest amount of followers will be largest and display the number of followers for that specific account. If you hover over the other icon bubbles, a window will pop up showing the number of followers for each Connection. 

  • Communities: This section lists the various self-reported and discovered communities the Creator/Influencer participates in and generates content for. Communities help to identify the Creator/Influencer's areas of expertise. Hovering over a specific community will give you a list of where the information was sourced from. 

  • Tags: This section lists the self-reported tags the Creator/Influencer has entered for their account and Connections. Hovering over a specific tag will give you a list of where the information was sourced from.

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