Discovery - Navigating Flyout Profiles: Connections Tab

There are two main ways to navigate to a Creator/Influencer's Flyout Profile page: 

  1. Unity Search
  2. VizSearch

Once you have located the specified Creator/Influencer you'd like to view, click on their name and a Flyout Profile page will appear, giving you various insights regarding that Creator/Influencer and their social media accounts. For more information about Unity Search and for articles about the rest of the tabs included in a Flyout Profile, please visit Unity Search.

Below we will go over what the Connections tab on a Flyout Profile includes. 


The Connections tab allows you to preview all of the Creator/Influencer's social Connections with a snippet of the 6 most recent pieces of content posted from each. This information comes from the Creator/Influencer's self-reported Connections in the platform. Under each preview you will find the social media icon corresponding to the Creator/Influencer's social Connection, the username for that Connection, and the total number of followers associated with each Connection. 

If you hover over a particular Connection, you will have the option to either click View Connection or View on (social media platform name). Clicking View Connection will trigger another screen to open which will give you deeper insight into that specific social Connection. 

  • After you have clicked View Connection, this new screen will have a new header that includes the following:
    • The profile photo the Creator/Influencer uses for that Connection.
    • The username the Creator/Influencer has set for that Connection.
    • The communities the Creator/Influencer has self reported or been discovered in.
    • The total number of followers for that Connection. This information is pulled from the API of each social Connection used and is updated daily.
    • The Creator/Influencer's sponsorship index for that Connection. This is calculated by total number of sponsored posts / total number of posts and is updated weekly.
    • The Creator/Influencer's engagement rate for that Connection. This is calculated by total number of engagements / total number of followers and is updated weekly.
    • The percentage of fake followers. This information is pulled from a third party and is only available for Instagram.
    • A link to View on (social media platform name).
    • A tab for Content and a tab for Analytics.

  • The default tab of this screen is the Content tab. Here you will see a preview the recent content posted by the Creator/Influencer as well as a label indicating if the content is Organic or Sponsored. On each each preview display, you can view the number of engagements as well as the post date of the content. This information is scraped or pulled from the Creator/Influencer's active Connections.

  • If you click on a particular post under Recent Content, a new window will open up showing you the details of that post. From here you can link out to the Creator/Influencer's profile for that social Connection or link out to the actual post itself.

  • Back on the main screen for the Connection you are viewing, to the right of Content you can click Analytics. This will prompt another screen to open, giving you a breakdown of the various metrics used to analyze that Connection. In order from top to bottom of this page, you can find various analytics associated with the Creator/Influencer's Connection including:
    • Audience Demographics: These include Ethnicity, Age Range, Gender, Income, and Language. To the right underneath the Audience Demographics, you can view the sources of this data (i.e., self-reported, etc.).

  • Tags: These are the tags that the Creator/Influencer has entered into the platform for that Connection. To the right underneath Tags, you can view the source of this data.

  • Analytics: The labels in this section vary per Connection type but generally includes the total number of followers for that Connection, the average media/posts per day, the average likes/reactions per post, the average comments/replies per post, and the average shares per post (if applicable). This information is pulled from the API of the social Connection used and is updated daily.

  • Under the Analytics section, you will also find a graphical depiction, indicating the growth or shrinkage of followers over time for that specific social Connection. 

  • Clicking beside the Followers tab, on the Media / Day tab will display a second graph, indicating the growth or shrinkage of media/posts per day over time for the specific account.

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