Discovery - Filtering Unity Search

Unity Search makes it easier for you to find Creator's in the system based on your own specified search criteria. With Creator Discovery you can be as granular in your search as you see fit. 

1. Once on the Unity Search tab, enter the keyword you would like to search by in the search box and select Search

2. You can filter your search further by selecting one of the provided search filters; Creator Location, Creator Followers, Creator Communities and Creator age. If you click +All Filters you will be provided with more filtering options. Once you start selecting filters, you will notice the search results immediately populate as you add and edit your filters.

3. When filtering, you can select more than one filtering option. This will help you to refine your search even further. To do this simply select another of the filtering options as you did in step two. 

4. You can edit or remove your filters at anytime during the search process. To edit your filters, click on the filter to make your edits. To remove a filter click on the "X" provided in the filter. If you wish to remove all filters select Clear Filters.

5. From here you will be able to view the Creators that match your search criteria. You can also filter your search results by; Best Match, Engagement Rate and Most Followers.

6. After you have entered all of your search information, you can save your search for later use. To do this, click Save Search. A fly-out will appear where you can name your search. Once you have named your search, select Save

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