Discovery - Reading Your Unity Search Results

Once your search results are generated, you will need to know how to read these results. This article will walk you through the information that each Creator card provides.

Matches and Discovered Tags

Matches - Matches are provided by the system and dictated by the keyword you entered in the search. In the example below you can see the keyword of "travel" was entered. If you did not provide a keyword, Matches will not appear. Matches showcase why a Creator appeared in your search results and can be found by hovering over the "23 matches." Once on the Matches hover you can view where the Matches are coming from in the Creator's Profile.

Discovered Tags - Discovered tags are keywords that frequently appear in a Creator's content. The tags are found by systematically searching the Creator's connections.

Followers, Engagement Rate, and Sponsorship Index 

Followers - The follower count listed here is the total number of followers for all of the Connections the Creator has added to their account. The number in the bubble is the follower count for that specific connection type.

If you hover over the bubbles you can view the individual follower counts for each connection type.

Sponsorship Index- The Sponsorship Index provides you will a percentage of the amount of sponsored posts/total posts across all of the Creator's connections.

If you hover over the bubbles you can view the individual Sponsorship rates for each connection type.

Engagement Rate - The Engagement rate is calculated by total engagements / total reach* 100. The main rate shown is a combination of all of the connections the Creator has added to their account.

 If you hover over this number, you will be able to see a breakdown of each Connection's Engagement rate.

Sample Content

The content shown is a sampling from the Creator's work. If you select the arrows, you can view the Creator's content.

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