Blog Post Will Not Verify - Embed Code Not Found

This error appears whenever an Influencer attempts to verify a blog post without properly inserting the Embed Code into the HTML section of their blog post. Below are the recommended steps for properly placing the embed code into the HTML section of a blog post:

  1. Copy the embed code for the assignment (each assignment's embed code is unique, so make sure you're pulling from the correct post). Note: this is found under step #2 if you are using Your Blog Dashboard in the Tap platform.
  2. Using your HTML editor, paste the entirety of the copied script at the end of your post
  3. Feel free to adjust anything in the <p> ... </p> range, as this will display as text on your side. But please leave anything following alone, as this contains the tracking pixel, which is required for the post to verify.
  4. Before leaving the HTML editor, you must click Update/Publish. Navigating to the visual tab without doing this can strip out the code.

After doing these steps you may test that this worked by copying your blog's URL into the Verify section in TapInfluence and clicking verify.

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