Social Share Will Not Verify - Post is Not Linked To Active Social Network Error

If you are attempting to verify a Social Share URL for an assignment and you receive the following error:

Then you do not have your Social Media account for this URL associated with your Media Kit. The solution to this issue is to navigate to your media kit and locate the Edit button located within the Networks box. Networks box pictured below)

Clicking edit will bring you to the following page:

To connect your Social Media profile, simply click the button with the Social Network you are trying to connect and sign into that account. 

Note: The platform will automatically sign into the last signed into on this particular browser. If you would like to sign into a different account you may either clear your cache and re-sign in or perform these steps in an Incognito Google Chrome window (or similar private browsing window)

Special Instructions for Facebook:

By default, connecting your Facebook account to the platform will display your personal account. If you would like to change the account to one of the pages you are an administrator of navigate back to the Networks page and click the "Change Facebook Page" link located below the Instagram button. (Pictured below)

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