What is the embed code?

The embed code is TapInfluence proprietary code that we ask you add to your Blog Post.  The embed code contains our tracking pixel so we can gauge when one of your readers loads the page, and if enabled by the marketer, will also contain the TapInfluence comment widget.  Both are important to the Brands using TapInfluence, as they are an indicator of your overall performance and engagement.

There are two ways to generate the embed code, depending whether you are using "Our Editor" or "Your Blog Dashboard".

  1. Using Our Editor, click on the Generate Embed Code button.  This will then expand and allow you to copy the embed code for your post.

2. Using "Your Blog Dashboard" the embed code can be found next to step #2. Copy and paste this entire piece of code into your post.  

Important: Copy and then paste this code directly in the: New Post - "Text" tab or "HTML" tab and click Update/ Publish. Do not click the "Visual" tab or the code may not operate properly.

If you attempt to verify your post and have not added the embed code, you will receive the following error:

Please ensure that you have added the embed code to your post. If you still are unable to verify your post after adding it, please contact support@tapinfluence.com to help troubleshoot the problem.

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