I am unable to verify my post in my assignment

There are several reasons why you could possibly get an error or be unable to verify your post in the platform:

  1. Your blog URL in your Media Kit and the URL of the post you are trying to verify don’t match exactly. Your blog URL in your Media Kit is the only location that the platform allows you to post to, as all of your Google Analytics and Social Media shares are tied to that one blog address. Therefore, if your blog URL and actual blog post addresses don’t match, you will not be able to verify your post on the platform. You can check your URL by clicking on the “Media Kit” button, and going to the “Site URL” field under your image. Confirm that it matches the URL of your live blog posts otherwise you will be unable to “verify” your brand post in your assignment. If the URLs do not match, you will see the error message, “sorry, we are unable to locate the post at the specified URL”. For example, if your post URL looks like this http://myblogsite.com, but your site URL in your profile is http://www.myblogsite.com you need to modify your profile URL by removing the ‘www.’  (or vice versa). Once you have modified your profile URL to match, return to the program and verify your blog post.
  2. If your blog post does not contain the post disclaimer for the program you are attempting to verify for, your post will not verify. This is regardless of whether you compose inside the assignment section or on your own site. Return to the program assignment, scroll down and click on the “generate embed code” button. All of the code provided for you here is required in your blog post.  If you go to verify the blog post the system checks for this content; therefore, if any content is missing the system will not let you verify. Copy and paste the embed code provided and paste it into the HTML on your site and then verify your post.
  3. If your blog re-directs you will not be able to verify your blog post.

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