Completing and Verifying Your Assignment

There are three types of Assignments that you might be invited to through TapInfluence (Blog Post, Social Shares Only, and Boost).  Each assignment will have different assignment requirements, but completing each type will require similar steps. 

Unsure what type of assignment you're working on?  While logged in, click on Marketplace > Assignments. You can find which type of assignment this is under Type.

Blog Post:

Blog Post assignments will require you to create a Blog post and likely also share the content through at least one of your Social Networks.  

Visually the primary difference is the presence of the "Compose Your Blog Post" display. This will allow you to either create your blog post using "Our Editor", or to compose and create the content on your blog and then add it using the "Your Blog Dashboard".  

There are three REQUIRED steps to ensure that your post is complete and scheduled for payment.  It is important that these steps are completed before adding any Social shares, as they will not be displayed until your Blog post is verified.

Steps to Verify:

1. Add the Embed Code to your blog post.  Please make sure that you copy and paste this code directly in the: New Post - "Text" tab or "HTML" tab and click Update/ Publish. Do not click the "Visual" tab or the code may not operate properly.

Additional questions or problems with the Embed Code, see this article.

2. Copy your blog post's URL and paste it into the field labeled "Verify Your Published URL".  Once a valid URL has been added, the "Verify" button will be enabled.

3. Click the "Verify" button.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive the message below, your post has not been successfully verified and is not showing as complete.  Please double check that you have added the embed code.  If the error continues, please reach out.

You can now add and verify your Social Shares in the display below.  This step is the same as the verification for the next two types of assignments, so please read on.

 Social Shares Only:

Social Share Only assignments require you to create at least one post and share it on your Social Networks.  

These might be as straightforward as a Tweet, or as long as a Video on YouTube. They will be differentiated from Blog Posts, by only containing the field "Complete Your Social Assignment".  For Blog Posts, this same area will be displayed below the Blog Composer.

In order to complete and verify your Social Social Only Assignment please use the following steps:

Steps to Verify:

1. Create the Share on your Social Network. Don't forget to include the FTC Disclosure.

2. Copy the URL for the post.

3. Select the Globe Icon, to view a drop down of options, select the appropriate Social Network.

4. Paste the URL into the field.  The Verify button will become visible only after a valid URL has been added.

5. Click On Verify.

Having difficulty Verifying your Social Share? Check out this article for common difficulties and solutions.

 Boost Assignments:

Boost assignments are similar to Social Shares Only assignments.  Instead of creating new content though, you will be asked to share content through Facebook and Twitter, with additional Social shares being optional.

In order to receive credit for your shares, please follow the same Steps to Verify as the Social Shares Only as seen above. 

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