Why am I not getting campaigns?

8 reasons why you are not getting selected for campaigns on TapInfluence, that have nothing to do with your rates.

When it comes to influencer marketing, most of the time, a brand creates a campaign with a specific vision in mind for the content they are looking for from influencers.

By using TapInfluence, they are introduced to a lot of talented influencers in our online marketplace who may fit the bill for the scope of work. 

But when comes to actually picking the influencers for the campaign, there are a lot of boxes an influencer needs to check off to be the right fit for the assignment.

1. The brand falls outside of your content categories

For example, if you have a lifestyle/beauty blog and the brand is in the food category, most likely you will not get pulled for a campaign to create a recipe for your audience.

2. You or your audience is not the target consumer of the brand

If the brand is looking for new moms to promote diapers, you may not be the best fit for the campaign if you have children who are in middle school.

3. The brand's store may not be where you live

If the retailer is located in the United States and you live in Canada, you may not be able to get the product for the post. Nor would your audience be able to shop at the store to purchase the items.

4. You have a relationship with their competitor

For instance, if you have previous posts about your love for Sephora and Ulta is looking for influencers for a campaign, your profile can get passed.

5. Your photography may not align with the brand's aesthetic

If the brand's images are bright and colorful and your photography is moody and dark. The brand wouldn't be able to envision their product fitting within your content.

6. You don't produce video content

More often, brands and marketers are looking for influencers who can provide video content for the campaign. Either on YouTube, Instagram videos on your posts, or even Facebook live. If you are already producing this work, make sure you have connected your YouTube channel!

7. The brand has a specific budget for total amount of influencers

This is referring to the brand's overall budget for influencers on the campaign. If a brand has a set amount of money for influencer spend, they may want to target a lot of micro influencers or a few macro influencers. It depends on the brand's budget and how many influencers they would need for the campaign.

8. Your blog has too many advertisements

If your website has affiliate ads running, they could be obstructing the content that you are promoting. It's best to let your content shine and let the ads and affiliatelinks/images be secondary on your blog. 

What does this mean for you? Don't get yourself down that you may not be getting as many campaigns as you would like. Your work and your audience is unique to you and that is an incredible feat!

Next steps we suggest to our influencers - stay in your lane, don't get caught up in the comparison game, and continue producing content that you love and resonates with your readers. Not only will your content continue to grow, but your audience will do so as well.

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