How to Remove and Re-Add Facebook

Here are the steps to address any Facebook-specific verification issues.

If you have already re-authenticate your Facebook in the TapInfluence platform and your link is still not verify, these are the next steps. It's likely a "permission" issue, meaning that your account or your post is not fully public. To be paid for your content and verify in the platform, both your page and your post have to be fully public. Follow these instructions to update your permissions. 

Disconnect from Tap:

1. Sign In to your TapInfluence Account
2. On the top right, you'll see a blue bar with your name, click on this
3. From the drop-down, select Site Settings
4. Click on DISCONNECT next to Facebook

Remove the permissions from Facebook:

1. Log-in to Facebook
2. Click on Settings from the drop-down in the top right
3. Click on Apps from the bar on the left
4. You should see the Tap logo, if you hover next to it and X will appear. Please click this to remove the permissions

Re-add Facebook:

1. Sign In to your TapInfluence Account
2. On the top of the page you'll see the three primary tabs (Profile | Media Kit | Marketplace).
3. Click on Media Kit
4. Click on the Edit button next to Networks or the Facebook Icon
5. This will take you to the networks screen, click on the Facebook Icon
6. Authenticate Facebook through this page. Please click OK for all permissions. (This steps is not optional--all permissions must be accepted to verify and get paid!)

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