Analytics Glossary

Your guide to the Analytics Tab within the TapInfluence platform


This section acts as an analytics snapshot of the entire program

  • Engagement Rate: Combined social and blog engagement as a percentage
  • Total Engagements: Number of actions taken by audience; shares, likes, comments, etc.
  • Return On Investment: combined monetary value assigned to views and engagements (default values are based on industry standards)Values can be adjusted based on client-specific standards by adjusting the numbers in the “calculator” icon located next to every sub-value

Reach: This section represents the program potential reach by calculating the total following (blog and social channels combined) of all the influencers participating in the program


This section breaks down the total views — both actual and estimated — of the campaign

  • Blog Views: Actual metrics complied via our tracking URL required to verify posts within our platform — one view constitutes of loading the page, and staying on it for at least 10 seconds

Engagements (actions taken by audience):

This section breaks down the audience engagement (likes, shares, retweets, revines, Facebook shares, comments, etc.)

  • When you scroll over each social channel icon, a pop-up will appear, showing you an engagement breakdown for each channel (example on next page)
  • Blog Engagement Rate: Total actions taken specific to blog posts (clicks to brand URL’s within the post, comments, clicks to post, shares, etc.)A successful program will have a blog engagement rate of 20% or higher
  • Social Engagement Rate: Total actions taken specific to social shares (clicks to brand URL’s within the shares, likes, retweets, comments on social posts, pins, etc.)A successful program will have a social engagement rate of 4% or higher
  • This section also provides you a breakdown of the clicks to brand URL’s that are provided to the influencers in the TapInfluence platform


This section will provide you a performance percentage based on the influencer rate as it relates to their performance on the program.

  • Takes into account their Total Media Value divided by their influencer rate.

Channel Details:

This section will give an in-depth breakdown of channel-specific analytics as they relate to reach, views, and engagements

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