Blog Assignment Requirements Template

[Enter your brand header/logo here]

 [Enter the Assignment Name here]

Program Manager

[Enter the name of the main point of contact for this assignment.]

Assignment Objective

[What’s the goal of the assignment? Do you want to build product awareness, push traffic to a brand URL, drive coupon downloads, or collect email addresses? Enter your goals in this space.] 

Assignment Overview

[What do you want the influencer to do? Purchase and demonstrate how to use a product, share how they use a product during an event, include the product in a list or video, give a sneak peek at a brand site, use the product in a daily route, or incorporate the brand or product in a recipe? Enter those types of details here.]

Assignment Requirements 

[List your requirements individually. If you enter requirements into the platform in the Assignment Requirements area, the requirements will appear to influencers in the form of a checklist. The bullets below are sample requirements. Use or change what you want, or add your own.]

  • Create one (1) blog post that includes at least three (3) photos of you creating the recipe, showing before and after shots, purchasing the product (or, use the provided product images)
  • In the blog post, include the brand URL provided in the TapInfluence platform; you must use the Tap-provided URL, as it includes a tracking pixel that tracks engagement with post when it’s live
  • Post three (3) social shares on channels where you have the most influence, and provide those URLs in the appropriate place on the Tap assignment page
  • Pin one (1) featured image to Pinterest, and provide the URL to that pin on the Tap assignment page
  • Include the provided social share @s and #s: @yourbrand #yourhashtag
  • Display the comment widget and legal disclaimer on your blog post; the platform generates both items automatically within the HTML code when you click “Generate Embed Code” after you compose in the TapInfluence platform

Content Specifics (Must)

[List specific things influencers must include in their posts and social shares.]

  • Product name or service
  • Trademarks
  • Promotional messages or taglines
  • Hashtags, handles, and tags
  • Photos (before and after, ingredients, shopping, brand-provided)

Assignment “Starters”

[Give influencers ideas for how they might carry out the assignment.]

  • Idea 1
  • Idea 2
  • Idea 3

FTC Guidelines

[Replace “BRAND” with your brand or product name to use the following Tap-provided FTC guidelines.]

 Please reference these guidelines as applicable to your blog post and social shares.

  •  Blog Post - Disclaimer will automatically be included when you grab the TapInfluence embed code
  • Social shares (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, Vine, LinkedIn) - Must include #sponsored #ad or “Sponsored by BRAND”
  • YouTube sponsored videos - Include vocal “I’m working with…” or “This video is sponsored by…” AND #sponsored, #ad or “Sponsored by BRAND” in video description
  • Engagement with brand channels or communities - If part of the paid relationship, must include #sponsored, #ad “Sponsored by BRAND”, or identifying as a brand ambassador

Brand Placement Guidelines

[Replace “BRAND” with your brand or product name to use the following Tap-provided brand placement guidelines.]

 These guidelines serve as a filter to ensure that you do not inadvertently communicate about or directly associate BRAND with negative or inappropriate content. While we do not wish to interfere with your creative approach or how you integrate or place BRAND into organic content, we do ask that you adhere to the following guidelines as you develop content:

  • No overly explicit language in conjunction with the BRAND integration or placement
  • No sexual language or acts in association with the BRAND integration or placement
  • No reference to illegal drugs in association with the BRAND integration or placement
  • No religious or political associations made in context of the BRAND integration or placement
  • No disparagement of BRAND and/or creative advertising
  • No overt or implied negative view of any direct BRAND competitors
  • No representation or implication that the consumption of any food or beverage can contribute to weight loss or prevent, mitigate or reduce the risk of any disease or medical condition

 Contact if you have any questions about this assignment.

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