Social Assignment Requirements Template

[Enter your brand header/logo here]

[Enter the Assignment Name here]

 Program Manager

[Enter the name of the main point of contact for this assignment.]

Assignment Objective[What’s the goal of the assignment? Do you want to build product awareness, push traffic to a brand URL, drive coupon downloads, or collect email addresses? Enter your goals in this space.]  

Assignment Overview[It is a good practice to include a little information about the company, the program, and any overall larger campaigns this social share assignment is centered around.

“X company is the leader in ride-aboard lawnmowers, and would like you to promote their newest model, the SuperDuper Grass Whacker 1000. Encourage readers to visit the URL found in the Brand URL’s section on the right side of the page. We encourage you to share in your own authentic voice!  Please remember to include #ad in your post.”]

Assignment Requirements [List your requirements individually. If you enter requirements into the platform in the Assignment Requirements area, the requirements will appear to influencers in the form of a checklist. The bullets below are sample requirements. Use or change what you want, or add your own.]

  • 1 Post to Facebook
  • 1 Post to Twitter
  • Include @BrandHandle and #CampaignHashtag
  • Include URL, found on right side of assignment page
  • Optional, but encouraged: Instagram share, Pinterest share, etc.
  • Include the FTC disclaimer in your posts: #ad or #sponsored

Note - Rates are based on reach & engagement of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you would like to propose a different rate, please decline and list the rate in the decline popup.  No guarantees of a re-invite can be made given the program budget.
For questions, please reach out to xxxxxx.

Contact if you have any questions about this assignment.

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