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Latina Bloggers Connect

Latina Bloggers Connect is a network of multicultural and bilingual bloggers, vloggers and social media Hispanic influencers in the US. LBC has created an online community designed to equip members with the tools and resources they need to produce quality content while remaining authentic and true to their style.


FitFluential is a community of diverse people from all walks of life and all levels of fitness. The community of influencers includes those who’ve been experts in the field for years, and those just starting their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Their main topics are food, fitness, health and wellness.


TuneCore and its partner, Believe Digital, represent more than 30% of all the music sold on iTunes. In total, TuneCore works with more than 200,000 musicians and influencers. Their influencers are very active among social media and have an average reach of 100,000.


Blogalicious is the premier multicultural community celebrating diversity in social media. They serve to uplift and advance its community of over 2,000 members in the digital endeavors. The network includes women, millennials, parents and boomers who specialize in creating digital content in a variety of categories such as lifestyle, parenting, fashion and travel.


Boombox Network is the first Baby Boomer blog network. Baby Boomers are the largest group of consumers, representing 78 million people with an annual spend of $3 trillion. Boombox’s network of influencers implement social media campaigns that truly speak to Baby Boomers.

Military Spouse Bloggers

Military Spouse Bloggers Network contains an online community and group of influencers who are very active among the military space. The MSB Network ensures that your message gets properly communicated to the military families your brand is intending to reach.

Professional Travel Bloggers Association

Professional Travel Bloggers Association is a network of travel bloggers who aim to legitimize travel blogging as a business and facilitate business relationships within the industry.


Viral Nation is the premier talent agency for the most influential social media users. Their highly engaging influencer roster has a combined reach of over 100 million and that number continues to grow every day.

Digital Brand Architects

Digital Brand Architects is a digital influencer talent agency, who works with a premier tier of social influencers that cover many niches including beauty, fashion, lifestyle, home and food. Each influencer has a cultivated point of view and a highly engaged audience, resulting in rich, content-driven brand partnerships.

Men Who Blog

#MenWhoBlog is a network that includes today's top male bloggers. They have come together to grow personally and professionally. This includes helping each other by sharing cool ideas, discussing our favorite brands and products we love as well as exploring new adventures through social media. Some are dads, but it is more than a dad blogger community. Instead, it's about celebrating all the aspects that make being a man special.

Girls Gone Sporty

Girls Gone Sporty is an online editorial magazine and a social community for women dedicated to living and leading sporty lives. In addition to providing cutting-edge content, they’re committed to creating a support system for women who are striving to be their best selves.


Socrave is a fully-integrated athlete marketing influencer agency, focused on driving consumer brands to innovative and creative engagement opportunities across multiple platforms. They work with thousands of social media influencers in the athletic space.


A digital marketing agency that focuses on online and in-person engagements for its talent roster of musicians, actors and social celebrities.

Vibrant Nation

Vibrant Nation is the leading online community for women 45+, where they connect and support one another on issues unique to this life stage, including fashion, beauty, family, work, relationships, health, fitness and finances.


BlogPaws is a Social Media Company focused on teaching pet enthusiasts, pet bloggers and all pet parents how to use social media effectively and responsibly. Their dedicated team of professionals works year round to connect their bloggers and microbloggers to the brands they buy every day. They work with thousands of social media influencers in the athletic space.

White Label Social

Socrave is a fully-integrated athlete marketing influencer agency, focused on driving consumer brands to innovative and creative engagement opportunities across multiple platforms. They work with thousands of social media influencers in the athletic space.


TANGO's roster offers a variety of clients in the entertainment vertical. Although we have some non-musician clients, are main area of focus is in Sound Recording Artists/Bands who have strong influence on the Hispanic market. Territories range from the United States to Argentina with our strongest countries being the United States and Mexico. TANGO has a roster that can hit all ages and genders as we have artists whose music reaches 13-year old girls all the way to 64+ males.

Some of our artists are very well thought of when it comes to style and fashion so accessories/clothing/apparel would be good fits. Others are strong with male fashion like: hats, jeans, boots, etc. TANGO is in the unique position to have the flexibility to hit most demographics and also the ability to hit the fastest growing audience, Latinas. The fan bases are very connected to our brand or artists in this case because of the emotional attachment music brings with it. This also offers a variety of ways to reach the audience, whether its through their digital presence, but let's not forget tours, concerts, shows, events, TV, radio, etc.

In summary, think of TANGO has having access to high-level singers/musicians that can hit one of the most sought out audiences, Latinas and the Hispanic Market. Aside from the musical roster, we do have niche market clients such as: Hells Angels who have an extremely loyal following perfect for apparel, biking gear, accessories, etc. TANGO can also offer a Hollywood actor in Ryan Guzman, who not only hits the US market, but also has a strong LATAM following due to his Mexican heritage. He is extremely influential on young men and women. We also have a couple clients who focus on sports and predominantly male followings in the US.

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