Influencer Campaigns - Guide to Instagram

Instagram influencers post visually appealing images and short videos to get your brand in

front of consumers in a natural way. This short Instagram guide shows you how to use

influencers to create and distribute content on your behalf through Instagram.

How to Get Started

Ask influencers whose audiences match those of your target demographic to create and

share photos or videos that last 15 seconds or less.

What you can ask influencers to do:

  • Post original images featuring your brand’s product and highlighting your brand in the text
  • Create short videos on behalf of your brand’s product
  • Use your brand’s hashtags
  • “Take over” your brand’s account and post their own images and text as part of a promotion
  • Share created Instagram posts on other social channels, such as Pinterest, Twitter, or Vine 

FTC Requirements

If you’re compensating influencers with money or product for posting on Instagram, then

the influencers must disclose the sponsorship. To comply with FTC requirements, ask

influencers to include #ad, #sponsored, or some other acceptable disclosure within

the post.

What you can’t ask Influencers to do:

  • Post branded or sponsored content without a disclaimer of your partnership

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