Best Practices for Repurposing Content

You’ve successfully activated influencers to create content on behalf of your brand. Now learn how you can leverage that user-generated content like a pro.

The best influencer marketing campaign doesn’t end with content creation. We’ve developed this guide to show the different ways you can amplify your efforts with influencers. Step number one? Build on the content that influencers create and repurpose it to reap the full benefits.

Guidelines for Repurposing Content

  1. Give credit where it’s due. Just like when you write a research paper, you must properly cite your sources. Always remember to give attribution to the influencer who created the content. This includes linking to the original content and tagging the influencer where possible.
  2. Be proactive. We recommend reaching out to the influencer before using their content to let them know how it will be used. Even better - know how you plan to share their content ahead of time and inform influencers up front. Be advised, some influencers will charge more for content usage.
  3. Be careful with alterations. Don’t interfere with the intent of the content; your influencers invested a lot of their own time and creativity to produce it. If you need to alter anything, contact the influencer in advance and ask their permission.

Repurposing on Your Brand’s Site

Influencer content can help your site feel relatable and welcoming to visitors. Here are some of the ways you can make it work for you:

  • Repost content on your brand’s blog to prompt engagement from visitors.
  • Create a hub where influencer content can live permanently.
  • Repurpose influencer tutorials or recipes to add value for visitors to your site.
  • Craft a newsletter based on influencer content and share it to your brand’s subscribers.
  • Build a testimonials page featuring input from influencers who have experience with your brand’s products or services.
  • Use influencer insights to create marketing materials including eBooks, webinars, emails, or digital advertisements for your brand.

Repurposing on Your Brand’s Social Channels

Influencer content can also be boosted through your brand’s social channels. Here are a few ways to implement this strategy:

  • Fill your social editorial calendar with influencer content that shows your brand’s products and services being used in an authentic way.
  • Use influencer content in social advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Share influencer images as cover photos, profile pictures, and new content on social channels.
  • For a visual representation of your brand, pin and share influencer content on Pinterest.
  • Share influencer quotes as testimonials on social channels.

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