Best Practices for Influencer Communication

Allow influencers to be creative

  • Provide them with your goals and a strategic

framework to work within. Let them decide the

creative angle to tell their story.

  • Remember that influencers are real people and

you are hiring them to tell their authentic story

with your brand.

Keep authenticity in mind when crafting your "ask"

  • If possible, avoid draft review and do not require influencers to use trademarks

within their content. Performance suffers when content reads more like an


  • Avoid asking for "in store photos" to highlight the shopping/retail/brand

experience. This tends to negatively affect performance. There is nothing

organic about requiring 10 bullets, shares on 6 social websites, and pictures of

products on shelves in a store"

Be considerate

  • If you'd like an influencer to use product, provide them a gift card up front to

help with the costs. $30 may seem like a small amount, but think about how that

adds up for multiple campaigns when payment arrives post-campaign.

  • If you opt for draft review, provide clear, concise and consolidated draft


  • Keep in mind that an influencer's time, like yours, is valuable. If you sense that

your request is going outside of the initial agreement, offer additional


Make it fun!

  • Influencers are more likely to give you the best value for your campaign when

they feel collaborative and are given creative freedom.

  • Positivity, authenticity and enthusiasm are contagious – let the influencers know

how excited you are about the campaign and collaborating with them.

Build relationships with the influencers

  • Consult with them on the best approaches for

your various goals and creative strategies;

keeping in mind they are interested in a mutually

beneficial relationship.

  • An ideal collaboration is when a client asks the

influencer's opinion "how would you go about

doing X?"

Trust that the influencer knows their readers and audience better than you

• Allow the influencers to determine which social channel makes sense to

promote their content, rather than dictating it. Some influencers use their

channels very differently and attract a different type of follower in each place.

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