Turning Off and Resuming Draft Reminder, Post Reminder and Missed Post Email Notifications

Why would I want to turn off automatic email notifications?

Automatic email notifications are a way to keep marketers and influencers on the same page throughout the duration of a program. Automatic email notifications make sure nothing is missed during a typical program, without relying on memory to make sure these communications happen.

When a program experiences delays, scheduled notifications may no longer be applicable. To avoid confusion from erroneous notifications, marketers can turn off any or all configurable email notifications at any time during a program. 

Configurable Email Notifications 

By default, the following configurable email notifications will be automatically sent to influencers who have accepted an Assignment and are scheduled for a Timeslot, in the following situations:

  • Draft Reminder – A Draft is required, and the Draft is due tomorrow
  • Post Reminder – A Post is due tomorrow
  • Missed Post – A Post was due yesterday and has not yet been verified

Turning Off Configurable Email Notifications

Draft Reminder, Post Reminder and Missed Post email notifications may all be turned off individually, at any time during a program. This can be done in the following two ways:

While Creating a New Assignment

From Assignments, click New Assignment to create a new Assignment and configure email notifications. Uncheck the box for the email notification you would like to turn off.

By Editing an Existing Assignment

From Overview, click the Edit icon for an assignment to configure email notifications. Uncheck the box for the email notification you would like to turn off. 

Resuming Email Notifications

Configurable Email Notifications can be turned back on, at any time during a program, by repeating the steps above and rechecking the box for the notification you would like to resume sending.

Please note that resuming notifications will not retroactively send email notifications that would have occurred while the notifications were turned off for a program. Only notifications that are scheduled to occur after that email notification is turned back on will be sent. To make sure Missed Post notifications resume correctly, manually move calendar dates for influencers who have new posting dates, after a delay.


You are running a program with a duration of 10 months. Email notifications are turned on by default, and everything is running smoothly until month five. 

On Day One of month five, you need to pause the program, and you turn off all configurable email notifications. An influencer is scheduled to post on Day Four.

While notifications are turned off, the Post Reminder email notification is not sent on Day Three. The post does not occur on Day Four. 

On Day Five, you receive word that the program can resume, and you turn on configurable email notifications again. Note that the Missed Post email notification that would have occurred today has also not been sent.

To get things back on track, manually move the influencer's post date to Day Six (or later).

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