Quick Tips for Rate Negotiation

Setting the right expectations for rate negotiation in your Program Assignment ensures effective communication with influencers throughout the process. By specifying in your Program Assignment that Influencers must "Decline" a program invitation and propose a new rate to negotiate, we have seen inefficient out-of-platform emails drop by 80%, saving time and frustration for both parties.

In-platform negotiation is the fastest and easiest way to reach an agreed upon rate. Here's why:

  • When Influencers "Decline" an Opportunity and specify the rate they would expect for the Assignment, communication becomes clear and effective
  • Quickly declining and proposing a new rate lets you know Influencers are interested and helps you understand how you can work together
  • Avoiding emails outside the platform for rate negotiations assures important rate-related messages never get lost in your inbox

Adding rate negotiations to your Program Assignment is as simple as adding a paragraph describing your expectations.

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