Why does TapInfluence have marketplace fees?

Our marketplace fees protect marketers.

Working with influencers can be very rewarding for brands, though going it alone can be tough. From a payment and accounting standpoint, each influencer acts like a separate independent contractor, and the more influencers with which you work, the more the headaches of keeping them straight multiply, making it hard to scale

That’s one of the biggest benefits from being part of our platform. Our marketplace fees make working with multiple influencers a breeze. Marketplace fees:

Reduce Risk with Simple, Standard Disclosures

TapInfluence’s influencer marketing automation platform makes making sure influencer disclosures are always compliant and simple, no matter how many influencers you engage for your programs.

Save Time and Hassle with Swift, Accurate Payment

Since TapInfluence tracks the status of all assignments, we make sure influencers get paid accurately and quickly, every time. We are so serious about creating the best influencer experience around that we often pay influencers even before we’ve received payment from you.

This means you’ll never have to worry about the time or hassle of issuing checks to multiple influencers; our platform and PayPal take care of all that for you, making sure influencers get paid accurately and on time upon completion of their assignments.

Avoid Accounting Nightmares

Requiring W-9s from and issuing individual 1099s to every influencer you use takes time and doesn’t add value to your marketing efforts. We help you avoid accounting overhead, while making sure you’re in the clear each tax season. Because all payments are processed through PayPal, reporting influencer payments is handled by PayPal in one streamlined process that adheres to IRS instructions.

Keep Costs Clear

We know it is important for marketers to be able to budget and know how much programs cost before they start. That’s why our platform is always transparent with costs, showing you everything involved from activation to payment, in one clear total, as you build your programs.

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