Using Audience Insights to Better Target Consumers

What are Audience Insights?

Audience Insights are a third critical type of data—in addition to influencer data and performance data—that you need working together to best match you with influencers and bring you the insights required to meet your goals and recognize the highest ROI for your programs.

Audience Insights can be used to inform influencer search results, helping you understand how well an influencer matches the consumers you are trying to reach.

Why Audience Insights?

Influencers and marketers alike can achieve the highest level of success when they have the greatest ability to reach and persuade relevant audiences and drive purchase intent. Audience Insights help better align your goals with the results influencers can produce by giving you a view combining who influencers are and how many people they reach, with how they perform in programs and who they reach. The unique vantage point TapFusion provides helps you begin to connect social conversations to commerce.

Where can I find Audience Insights? 

Audience Insights appear on the Influencers tab, within the influencer search results, Audience Insights will appear for each influencer who has Audience Insights available.

Viewing Audience Insights

Expand the influencer's profile and you are able to view the influencers specific insights. 

You can also include search criteria for audience data in your influencer search. 

Once you add that content the audience data will be available under the influencer's profile. 

Which influencers have Audience Insights available?

Influencers with over 1,000 and under 1,000,000 Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook followers will have Audience Insights.

What information is currently available in Audience Insights?

Currently, the following demographic information about influencers’ audiences is available from within the platform:

  • Audience Interest
  • Audience Brand Affinity
  • Audience TV Shows
  • Audience Other Influencers
  • Audience Gender
  • Location
  • Audience Age
  • Audience Household Income
  • Audience Ethnicity
  • Audience Tier of University Attended

Where does Audience Insights data come from?

TapInfluence Audience Insights are powered by data from a TapInfluence partner, StatSocial. What google does for keywords, StatSocial does for people. StatSocial harvests public data at scale and uses proprietary algorithms for matching and linking profiles across online and offline data sources, in addition to categorization and standardization of affinities to an interest graph, standardizing the data into one "consumer record."

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