Learning More about Audience Insights Data

Where Does Audience Insights Data Come From?

TapInfluence Audience Insights are powered by data from a TapInfluence partner, StatSocial. What google does for keywords, StatSocial does for people. StatSocial harvests public data at scale and uses proprietary algorithms for matching and linking profiles across online and offline data sources, in addition to categorization and standardization of affinities to an interest graph, standardizing the data into one "consumer record."

StatSocial data is based off of public self-reported profile data pulled from over 60+ social sites. The majority of StatSocial’s data is user declared, meaning it is self reported by the user and populated on their public social profiles. Using public profile information and excluding businesses, StatSocial looks for "high quality" demographics or linkages (social graph) for a given user’s Twitter account to other social accounts.

What information is currently available in Audience Insights?

Currently, the following demographic information about influencers’ audiences is available from within the TapFusion platform:

  • Location – Location data is captured during the harvesting process using user provided information, looking across 60 social sources and other data sources, such as public records, to determine an individual's most current location. Data is both self described and deterministic. Weighting algorithms are in place to utilize location identification across the dataset.
  • Age – StatSocial leverages up to 60 social sources and other data sources such as public records to determine an individual's age. Data is both self described and deterministic. Weighting algorithms are in place to utilize age identification across these datasets. Once age for an individual is determined, it is represented in an age range band, for example 18-24, 25-34, etc,
  • Gender
  • Household Income – StatSocial reports personal level income based on self reported job title and location. StatSocial uses a Glassdoor-approach to then categorize a user in an income bracket.

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