Increase Rate After Acceptance

This feature allows you to increase the payment rate after an influencer has already accepted! Pretty neat, huh?

TapInfluence has a fantastic feature that will allow a brand to adjust the rate for an influencer after they have already accepted the assignment. 

It's easy as pie! Brands simply need to navigate to their "Programs" tab (that's the header up top in-between "Influencers" and "Analytics". 

Select a program, then navigate to the "Manage Influencers" tab. 

To increase the rate, simply hover over the "Requested Rate" or "Proposed Rate" and you will see a very tiny pencil icon pop up. 

Click on the rate itself and you will be brought to this page:  

Here, all you need to do is type the increased price in the "Cash" section. Then click the bright red "Update Selected" button at the bottom. 

The influencer will get an email with this information! Keep in mind, you can only increase a rate, never decrease it. 

This option is only available for influencers who have accepted an assignment but have not officially completed, posted, or verified their content. 

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