New Workflow: What You Need to Know

TapInfluence is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its new workflow pages in the platform! Some of the changes are just cosmetic, while the others improve the user experience. We have compiled the following training document to ensure you are aware of these changes.

1. You will be able to toggle between “Archived” and “Active” programs more easily using these tabs:

2. You can edit your Program or Assignments in the “Overview” tab, where each Assignment within a Program will be represented by a tile. You can click on these tiles to go directly to each Assignment:

3. In the “Assignments” section within a program, we have moved the “Requirements Document” upload section to the upper right-hand corner of the page. Meanwhile, the “Assignment Requirements” section has been renamed “Assignment Checklist.”

4. The “Brand URLs” section has moved and is now below the “Social Network Options” section on the left side of the page. Keep in mind that if you click outside the “Add URL” box once you have entered a URL, it will automatically save!

5. A new section called “Legal” has been added, and you can now default to Tap’s standard influencer agreement or upload an influencer legal agreement of your own. If you add your own terms and then decide to default back to the Tap legal agreement, you can simply click the trash icon. This section now also includes the blog FTC disclaimer.

6. The “Manage Influencers” tab is now just called “Influencers:"

7. Once you’re in the “Influencers” tab, you’ll notice influencer rates now show Cash Compensation AND Other Compensation more clearly. Meanwhile, the bar at the bottom of the page has gotten a more user-friendly face lift. If you click on one of the influencers in the list, his/her new dedicated profile page will open in a new tab.

8. In the “Influencers” tab, you will notice that the “Influencer Actions” button has moved to the upper right-hand corner of the page – and you can scroll down on this list!

9. The “Drafts” tab under the “Content” tab has a new look, where the “Approval” and “Contact Influencer” buttons have moved, and you can export a single draft or all drafts at once.

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