What Is Extended Discovery?

Find influencers from across the web, invite them to the platform, and add them to your campaign!

The scope of our Influencer Discovery search just got a whole lot wider. Thanks to  our newest feature, Extended Discovery, you can now search for influencers from across the web. That includes content creators who are not yet on the platform but are a fantastic fit for your campaign. 

Extended Discovery allows you marketers to find additional influencers beyond
TapInfluence’s opt-in database of influencer with keywords, categories, and user handles. Extended Discovery has over 100k influencers today and continues to grow weekly. In addition to keywords, you can also search by:

  • Influencer reach
  • Social channel (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, or any combination)
  • Sort by best match or highest reach

Be sure to explore keywords like brand names, holidays, interests, and beyond. Different terms will yield a unique set of profiles. You can click on any influencer and investigate their social media channels for deeper analysis. 

Once you find a good candidate (or as many!) you can select the influencer and click on “Send Invites.” The influencers will receive an email inviting them to join TapInfluence. They will then be added to the list of your choice in Influencer Discovery’s Extended Discovery list folder when they join the platform. 

We can’t wait to see what you think! We hope this feature will better expand the influencer landscape right at your fingertips. Discover amazing new content partners and build up a whole new network of influencers. 

Questions? Reach out to your Strategic Account Manager!

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